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Why so many Canadians riding in Northcentral PA this weekend?

Discussion in 'USA Northeast Riders' started by Mr. 36654, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Mr. 36654

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    Took the long way around to run some errands today and found lots of Canadian BMW riders in the mountains (aka hills) to my north. Is there a mystery Canadian holiday that I'm unaware of?

    Oh, and those three Canadians on HD's, they deserve an award. Never saw slow done that well. They could have taught a lesson or two to herd of HD's that managed to ride off the road (i.e., failed to negotiate a turn) on one of the best MC roads in PA. The herd managed their feat at well under the speed limit and they even had follow vehicles to carry their stuff.

    Then we had the trikes..........
  2. TOEagle

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    No mystery Canadian holiday yesterday. Probably just keen to ride on properly paved roads with bends :D

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