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That dang engine light!

Discussion in 'Exhaust System & Fuel Delivery' started by Braap!, Aug 1, 2017.

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    I recently posted a thread in this forum "MIVV Complete Exhaust System" and wanted to bring up one last blurb. The system I installed is a cat delete type with the option of removing the flapper valve - which I did. I removed the flapper pipe, cables, and servo motor - and cap & stowed the electrical plug running to the servo. Like I mentioned in the other thread, the bike runs really nice - and I still need to add a few more goodies like a K&N and a Booster Plug. The only negative I experienced was that as soon as I unplugged the servo connector, I got an engine warning light up on the dash - Doh! I rode around with it for a while noting that other than annoying me - the performance of the bike wasn't affected. Well I finally got tired of seeing that "orange triangle of death" up on the dash and put the servo motor - sans cables, back on the bike and re-connected the wiring lead. Happy to announce that the light went off, the bike runs great, and I didn't take the bike to a dealer and made to look like a fool. Lesson learned - remove the flapper, leave the servo on the bike without the cables. Now to get rid of that GPS bracket!
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    You've probably got a stored fault that will show up whenever you hook it up to a computer or GS911. No biggie, as you can erase/delete it then.

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    leaving the servo motor plugged in and on the bike is one option, i did that initially then heard about the 'servo buddy' that plugs into the servo wire connector, it's small so you can tuck it away or zip tie it out of sight. There's a number of different sites selling them at various prices
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