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Shinko sport touring tires

Discussion in 'R1200RS Tyres/Tires' started by MrVvrroomm, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. alain bruneau

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    I just turned 13,000kms or 8000 miles on my RS today. I used Michelin Pilot Road 4 on several bikes , I think it is the best right now on the market. Handles great in dry and wet , it makes the bike feel lighter and it's lifespan is around the 10,000 miles.
    I set of Michelin here is $400.00 plus installing and taxes. I am lucky to have a tire wholesaler in my area that carries all brand and sell at discounted prices. The Dunlop Roadsmart lll goes for $295 for the set. He is not allowed by Dunlop to advertise his prices because of his competition complaining. I hope he last a long time in business.
    Here are 2 pics of my tires at 8000 miles . Very little wear.

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  2. Daboo

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    I think before I ruled Shinko tires out, I'd look for some user reviews. has reviews on just about every tire brand out there, and the reviews are by users.

    Motorcycle Superstore, Revzilla and some others have user reviews too. Every tire promises excellent wet and dry traction and long life. I think if they could get away with it, they'd promise your hair would grow back too. So I don't trust the marketing hype...but I do look at what other owners have found.

    There are some excellent tires that you can find for inexpensive prices sometimes. When I rode a Burgman scooter, the Pirelli Diablo tire was less expensive than just about every other tire. But after trying all the other tires, I came back to that tire because it was the the least cost. Perhaps Shinko is like that.

  3. MrVvrroomm

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    I figured with a bunch of cheap F'n BMW riders the Shinko's would be right up their alley.
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  4. TPadden

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    I’ve run Shinko’s on several bikes, and have no complaints. In fact I prefer the Ravens to a couple of other more expensive performance touring tires I’ve tried (Pirelli comes to mind) .
    Try them, you may like them.

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