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MIVV complete exhaust system

Discussion in 'Members Classifieds' started by Braap!, Nov 9, 2017.

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    MIVV off.jpg View attachment 11896 MIVV.jpg I have for sale, a like-new stainless steel exhaust system that has a nice mellow tone that is not too obnoxious with the DB insert installed. This hi-quality system is fabricated from stainless steel, is a cat delete - and can be configured to run with or without the OEM flapper-valve system. I originally paid $1000 for this system, I am asking $600.
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    Hi Braap I’m north of you in the Bay Area, I tried (unsuccessfully ) to pm you, but I’m not sure how firm you are on the price? I have a dear cousin in Palmdale I’d love to ride down and see so I am interested, can you pm me please, tia.

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