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LED Headlamps

Discussion in 'R1200RS Appearance Mods' started by fischetg, Oct 17, 2015.

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    As usual, it’s not as simple as the lumens output. Certainly the HID on my car give me far better night vision than the halogens on my van! And the latest LED fitted to some cars appear to be even better. So a decent, high quality compact LED replacement for the RS is my holy grail. I do a fair bit of riding in the dark on secondary unlit road, but I really don’t want to hang some horrible side bars and expensive wind breaks to the side of my RS if I can avoid it.
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    I've got Darlas on my RS for day lite safety (10% power) and on full power with my high beams. Darlas naturally have a pretty white light (high color temp). At this point I don't see the benefit of putting in LED head bulbs if their output is at the low end no better than a conventional halogen.

    The only difference is color temp 5000 to 6000K which is a "whiter" light (not more powerful). this white ness can be replicated if wanted with some conventional halogen bulbs

    When LED replacement will put out 1500 to 2000 lumens...I'l buy them.

    Here in the US , there is no head light output test so no one will know if you are over reg.
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