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Ironman 70.3 world Championships

Discussion in 'USA Southeast Riders' started by Dejocko, Aug 7, 2017.

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    09/09 & 09/10 in Chattanooga.

    They need a lot more Motorcycles for two days. They are offering $200 plus hotel accommodations for any out of town Motorcyclist willing to do Moto Escort.

    "I'm Lisa Anderson, the Volunteer Director of the IRONMAN Chattanooga. I wanted to thank you for volunteering in the past at part of our Moto Crew and would love to have you back for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships on Sept 9th and 10th and the FULL IRONMMAN on Sept 24th... All drivers will receive a $200.00 gift card if they are able to volunteer on both days for the World Championships and $75.00 if they volunteer just for one day. If you have already volunteered, Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. Please refer your other drivers that are comfortable carrying passengers our way."

    "Plus we are also going to provide hotel room to those who have to travel."

    Contact info for Lisa @

    Click here to Volunteer:

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    Very good. Thank you.

    I assumed they pick up the liability - though it doesn't look like it.
    (Potentially dangerous work, depending on the experience of the racers. Even in the professional peloton in Europe, where the bicycle riders are accustomed to a ton of press and official motorcycles (usually RTs and Concourses) and with use of only ex-racers on the motorcycles with a lot of pre-race training and experience, there have been some significant mishaps and injuries in recent years. And then there is the problem of inexperienced pillions who by necessity will be forced to stand and twist and lean for good photographs)

    On the other hand,
    this is the first time the half-marathon championships have been in the US in 3 years, there will be a lot of professionals and hard bodies, and it's only a few hours puttering at 25 mph in exchange for access to great roads coming and going. Something to think about.
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    I rode an official around on my Multistrada for a local small triathlon a couple years ago and really liked doing it. Were I more local to Chattanooga I'd consider it.
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    I've done several half-irons out here in California and love the distance. As tri's start off in waves based on age/sex, I'm in the "master" (read "old") category, so I'm nowhere near close to the moving motorbikes. However, I do see they guys who are parked and re-directing traffic off the course. In the races that I've done, they usually get a local harley club, as they all wear the club vest. The only time I've been fortunate was on an organized 100 mile bicycle ride and one of the bicycle riders shouted out "hey will you go 20 mph to the next aid station?" the moto rider shrugged and said "jump on" so me and 3-4 other guys drafted a full dress harley for about 15 miles. Was awesome, but I used all my legs doing it, and was shit for the rest of the ride.
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