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Illium Risers

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories' started by Bert Adams, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. wantajustride

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    You make a very valid point. "If in doubt, have the trained technicians look at it".
    I am very satisfied with the end result of the modified location of the bars now.
  2. Roadnwater

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    I have a set of Ilium Risers for sale if anyone is interested. I was very pleased with them but have done a conversion to bars and no longer use the Ilium risers. FYI I did not reroute the clutch cable either for these risers and found that there was enough slack. When I installed bars I did do the rerouting and was surprised how simple it is once a bit of bodywork is removed.
  3. NeilKate

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    The Hornig bar risers only move the bars up one inch, and do not move the bar back at all, and yet Hornig recommends re-routing the clutch cable (the video referenced above). Amazing that the clutch cable is so tight stock that it cannot handle such a small adjustment of the bars. This is why my Hornig risers are still in my toolbox; re-routing the clutch cable as per the video would be a PITA for such a small improvement. Maybe I should just install the Hornig risers, remove the cable tie as suggested above, and see how restrictive the clutch cable is on full lock?

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