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First week on my G310GS

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Craig Littlefield, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Craig Littlefield

    Craig Littlefield New Member

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    I bought it from Iron Horse last Saturday February 3rd. It was the first one to come in. It was $6850 out the door. I have 450 miles on it now. I put 350 miles on it today in a ride to Coolidge Dam up near Globe.

    I love the thing. Do I need to say it not quite as fast than my S100R? 34 HP vs 160. It moves right along however. I had it up to 85 a couple of times but I am still breaking it in. The first 3 gears are low and close together. You have to work to stay up with traffic off of a green light. However once up in 4th, 5th or 6th it runs along fine. It was pulling the hills at 75 mph but with full throttle. I was riding with some fast guys on new RTs and GSs today and had no problem keeping up. Passing however does take more planning and more open road.

    There is next to no vibration at any speed. Good mirros. It sounds like a small lawn mower. The seat is comfortable, Good mirrors. It shifts as good as the S1000 which is very good. No cruise, no heated grips, no throttle by wire and no choice of riding modes. The instruments are easy to read in any light. Unusual for a BMW. The riding position is good. It does not feel cramped. It feels like a full sized bike. I can stand up while riding but the bars are a couple of inches too low. I will fix that. I think the seat is comfortable but I never found a seat bad on BMWs. Tough butt. The wind hits me about shoulder height. I am 6 feet tall. A couple inches more on the minuscule windshield would be good.

    It has a 2.9 gallon tank and a one liter reserve. We were driving hard today and at 160 miles it had 8 miles left. About 60 MPG. It takes regular gas. I think it will do at least 180 miles when it is broken in.

    The workmanship on the bike is very good. Those workers in India do good work. It looks and feels like a BMW.

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  2. ray2

    ray2 Well-Known Member Contributor

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    All good to know. You're paving the way for all of us as we put on more injuries and more years.
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  3. Bazza Beemer

    Bazza Beemer Well-Known Member

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    Globe? We were through there last spring in our motorhome. Higher altitude too. You live in Phoenix?
  4. MrVvrroomm

    MrVvrroomm Well-Known Member

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    My parents live in Tucson. I've ridden quite a bit down there. I should leave a bike down there. These Minnesota winters are absolutely brutal. It's everything I can do to just keep my shit together with this weather.
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  5. AZGeek

    AZGeek Active Member

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    Nice write up Craig. Any chance your considering taking that to Mesilla in a couple weeks? ;-)

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