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Eskdale and Hardknott Pass

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by GordonH, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Graham Lewis

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    oh I know that section in the first photo well, and it is cars that can make this section more difficult I have cars just stopping in the middle of the road and me stopped going down legs asteroid brake on full. however we do a ride of 5 passes and one valley through the lakes regularly and love it. the road is badly potted in places, still brilliant
  2. Stick Rockwell

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    GordanH, I recently watched TMF's vlog of the trip through Hardknott Pass and seeing your still pictures simply amazes me. He did state that the Go Pro seems to flatten out inclines/declines, but I wouldn't have dreamed of the difference a still picture can make! This is akin to climbing Mt Washington in New Hampshire. I did that a few years ago and actually rose through the fog to a clear mountain top. It did seem harder to go back down than the climb up. Super Pic's. Thanks.

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