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Cylinder head protectors

Discussion in 'R1200RS Appearance Mods' started by Geebee, May 20, 2015.


What cylinder head protection will you go for?

  1. The BMW crash bars

    21 vote(s)
  2. BMW cylinder head protectors

    54 vote(s)
  3. Aftermarket crash bars

    8 vote(s)
  4. Aftermarket cylinder head protectors

    59 vote(s)
  5. I love living dangerously ;-)

    18 vote(s)
  1. JohnnyRocket

    JohnnyRocket Member

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    I fitted BMW cylinder head protectors... to stop the Cyl heads getting bashed in... in a fall... a few scratches are preferable to a broken engine head... the full crash bars look wrong on a sports bike IMO... plus you cant fit the spoilers either.... no bike is going to survive a fall without a scratch.... the head protectors are heavy gauge stainless steel.. lined in thick rubber... the heads are i believe Aluminium... a compromise.. i know.. but the best option... if you had a S1000RR you wouldn't fit crash bars.........would you?

  2. PeTe T

    PeTe T Active Member

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    Not comparing apples with apples but I get what you are saying. An S1000R does not have stonking great cylinders poking out each side. So you would simply fit sliders to the frame. With the RS there are other bar options besides BMW that might allow the lower fairings to be mounted. And if kitting the bike out full-time with panniers, raised handlebars and higher screen - in other words, towards the touring end of the spectrum - I think crash bars are perfectly in keeping with that wardrobe. For myself, like you, I'm more minimalist. In fact my only gripe with the RS is the unecessarily high stock handlebars which can't be lowered without workshop surgery - a poor effort from BMW because spacers can always raise but you can't have sports bars on this sportsbike. But I do appreciate the range of things that other people are able to do on this bike to suit their own preferences and even physical needs.
    The only thing I would be wary of with the BMW case covers is that if your bike falls over you need to do whatever you can to stop it from rolling past the horizontal. Otherwise you will be up for the cost of new cylinder head as well as replacement cover(s - can you buy singles?). In that situation it may have been cheaper to have no protection at all. The BMW item seems to guard against puncturing but not scratching due to tendency of the bike to roll onto the upper side of the head.
    I might like the look of the BMW items better. But if I'm going to have covers i think I'd opt for the X-heads. But I'm tempted to go without any at all.
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  3. Matt Goss

    Matt Goss New Member

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    Nearly fell out of bed when I saw this post. I was with the owner when he dropped the bike in the picture. Literally brand new and on his first weekend ride. He had stopped in the apex of a steep sharp corner, and as he was taking off, his left foot slipped and down the bike went. Importantly the rider was OK with no injuries, but understandibly devastated with the damage to his new bike. He is still waiting for its return and the damage bill would make you go weak at the knees. It is due to this incident I was searching the forum for advice on crash bars. I did see 2 x RS's approx a month ago who had the blue colour scheme RS with chrome crash bars and was surprised by how nice they looked.
  4. Phillo

    Phillo Active Member

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    My choice was X-Heads..least obtrusive and they work..dropped mine on left side..foot slipped..only damage was almost invisible marks on the X-head itself :)
  5. Grumpy Goat

    Grumpy Goat Well-Known Member Contributor

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    If X-heads were used in this case there would not have been any scratches on the valve cover. Half head guards make no sense to me. Either cover it all or cover none of it because no owner is going to tolerate an unscratched bottom half but visible scratching on the top half.
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  6. mzpog

    mzpog Member

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    Having recently been told about my mates slow spill on his GS fitted with BMW crash bars which resulted in 7K in damage including cracked engine case, I opted for X-Heads. The bars were supposedly the cause of the cracked case.
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  7. MartinC

    MartinC Member

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    My thoughts too, it was always a concern having sticky out foot warmers... cylinders I believe they are referred to.... was their vulnerability.

    Having seen rather hideous crash bar arrangements, which take away the raisin d’etre of the flat twin.

    Having watched the X Head vlog on YouTube, I’ve asked Santa for a set. Be very nice IF Santa could go into the garage and fit them at the same time he delievrs them....
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  8. Scorch

    Scorch Well-Known Member

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    I can testify that a low speed drop will easily result in the bike rocking over and extending the gravel rash to the top half of the valve cover. My X-Heads will prevent that damage from happening again.

    (It was an expensive mistake to make in the first instance)
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