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Converting a Rider Over

Discussion in 'Canadian Riders' started by Bazza Beemer, May 6, 2016.

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    I have joined a loosey goosey group of riders here in Calgary and have attended two night rides (no particular destination planned) and one Sunday outing with wife and I attending. Only one other BMW and that is a 1150RS. Last Tuesdays ride was about 200kms and one of the guys was riding a 1199 Corsa. Holy hell that thing is fast and sounds so sexy. He had to keep pulling the clutch to stop running up the front guys ass. Anyway at the first fuel stop for some he pulled his helmet off and he is about in his mid 60's. Fit kind of guy but he sat on mine and is now taking a BMW demo RS ride in Calgary on May 12. I asked him if he wanted to do the upcoming Cannonball but he said 8 hours was too much for him on the Corsa. So now he will buy the RS based on the test. He is ok for $$$ has 3 newer Porsches and will keep the $40,000 Corsa. Anyway feels good to bring him over. I am pretty sure he will jump.

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