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At last!!!

Discussion in 'UK Riders' started by Graham Ramsey, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Thanks Peter that was spot on. "Never needs ironing" made me laugh - I'm sure he mentioned that. "Gives you an erection" - this holy grail, I hope to be true. It certainly was on my very first bike, a 250 v-twin blue Honda Spada - brilliant bike. I road it straight to my mate's place and his wife came up close, looked me in the eye and said "Did it give you a trembler?" I'd never heard the term before but knew straight away what she was asking and was instantly shocked and exposed. I didn't say a coherent word but my reaction gave me away. She broke up and rolled away laughing. It was true. As I road out of the dealer...I don't know...the vibrations must have been just right. A hundred metres up the road it was difficult to concentrate. That's all I'm saying. So kind of hoping the boxer delivers something...special.

    But no the salesman didn't mention that one.
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