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Anyone taken on Alaska?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Romany, May 1, 2017.

  1. Romany

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    I've got a ten day riding opportunity, May 26 to June 6, and am contemplating a ride up to Whitehorse to visit my sister in law. My hope is to then ride the Whitehorse, Skagway, Haines triangle then head for home. Yes there is a ferry ride in there.

    Getting there is a long slog over some uninspiring northern highways in BC. Ok the mountains are spectacular but the roads are kinda, umm, arrow straight. But, my riding buddies tell me my riding CV lacks cred cause I've not done Alaska. Oh, the things I do for my friends. And since they ride GS and Adv bikes I'll steal a march on them doing it old school on a street bike. Sort of like Ted Simon minus the Triumph.

    I've tried Alaska twice before. First time I was diverted to the local hospital for emergency surgery the night before I was to leave. Then last year the passing of my brother just left me gutted and I called the trip off. Then I traded the GS for my RS and here I am once again thinking Alaska.

    If the weather gods are angry I may just turn south and aim for the Badlands in SD.

    So anyone who has done this part of Alaska and wants to pitch in with advice; good, bad or wicked this is your chance.
  2. Brimstone Mahone

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    I lived/motorcycled in AK for 8 years (went up the Alcan when it was not paved, as I understand it is now)...but I only rode in the "mainland" portion, never in the panhandle so if you are only looking at Haines/the panhandle, you probably already know more about than I do!
  3. Boxerboy55

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    I was in Alsaka for most of 2013 and one weekend borrowed a GS in Anchorage to take a simple triangular ride up to Fairbanks, down to Tok, then back to Anchorage.

    Nothing adventurous or off-road, but super scenery in places, including Mount McKinley of course.
    I remember day 1 was surprisingly hot so I had to remove my oversuit, leaving me feeling undressed :)

    Days 2 and 3 cooled down a bit thank goodness. And there was one 29 mile straight on the run to Tok.

    Only you can decide if it's worth the long haul to tick the AK box.

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