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50,000 Miles - Darrell's Comments, Replies to Messages, Costs

Discussion in 'BMW R1200RS Reviews' started by darrell, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Well done Darrell. In my case I don't want to know how much is spent on my bikes. Somehow that could spoil my love of the 1200RS and the joy of riding. Great report just the same Darrell.;)
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    Was that the spell check gremlin again? You referenced Bravo and then used the word idiom? :D
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    Mum!...... The nasty man has started on me again!
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    Quick update after my major service at 50,000 miles. Valves were all fine so no adjustments in the 4 checks since new. Disappointed the extended warranty would not cover the rubber covering on the left footpeg but they said it was a wearable part. Ray wanted to know so I asked.

    Fork oil was changed for the first time. The right fork was replaced under warranty at 23,000 miles so that had 27,000 miles and the left one had 50,000 miles on it. The oil was perfectly clean with no metal filings, discolored oil, or any debris. Mechanic said he could have just left it had he known this. I asked when we should change again and was told you now have a bench mark. I'd guess I'll have it changed again in 2 years when the bike has 100,000 miles.

    I did have the brake fluid changed even through it looked fine just because it had been 36,000 miles since last changed. Also replaced air filter, spark plugs, engine oil and filter and rear end oil.
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