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Apr 26, 2015
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Jan 20, 2018 at 8:11 AM
    1. Michael
      Yes, agree with Willy & Daboo - my in-box is full of Chinese & Korean posts. Have we been hacked?
      1. GordonH
        Any updates on this Macca? Regular forum postings seem to have slowed considerably as a result of this.
        Jan 3, 2018
    2. Daboo
      macca, you might wish to consider making a couple of the members moderators for when you're not able to be reached. Two users are overrunning your forum.
      1. boxerboy, dcysurfer and vat like this.
    3. Willy
      Hi Macca, could you please look into all the Chinese posts arriving in the inbox please, looks to be coming from two accounts, thanks Willy
      1. Daboo and Grumpy Goat like this.
    4. Yates Yates
      Hi, just joined and noticed that my user name has gone all wrong. Any chance I could modify it please? Rich.
    5. petey
      It shows on the forum that I'm from Canada, which is not the case. I registered being from Oklahoma/USA and did have the US flag showing but recently it changed to a Canadian flag. I'm confused!
      1. Boxerboy55
        Were you in Canada when you saw the Canadian flag instead of your default US flag?
        It happened to me when out of UK visiting a faraway land. Was only a temporary glitch.
        Aug 19, 2016
      2. petey
        No, I have not been in Canada in several years.
        I did however communicate on this forum with feller from Canada...
        Aug 20, 2016
    6. RJC_BMW
      Not sure if or how this will get to you. I just joined the forum. I didn't realize it would display my full name when I post. I want to change that to a screen name but cannot figure out how. I cannot delete me account either. Then I thought I would ask for help but that seems to be buried or not an option as well. Sorry, but I tracked you down and I am asking if you can help. Please? Thanks. : )
      1. macca
        Hi Robert,

        Welcome to the forum, I have sent you a message as to how I can change your username. Andy
        Mar 30, 2016
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