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  1. Tripleblack
  2. Embee
    Ok thx Dale, how about Friday lunchtime 12.00 at Lymm services just off M6 ? My mobile is 0780 3511113.
  3. Tripleblack
    Tripleblack Embee
    Yes price is right yes no problem meeting in Warrington I’m in work until thusday off then Friday Saturday Sunday let me know what day is best and time and place
    Cheers Dale
  4. Tripleblack
    Tripleblack Embee
    Hi there what price you looking at for the engine bars
    1. Embee
      Jan 17, 2018 at 4:35 PM
  5. Michael
    Michael macca
    Yes, agree with Willy & Daboo - my in-box is full of Chinese & Korean posts. Have we been hacked?
    1. GordonH
      Any updates on this Macca? Regular forum postings seem to have slowed considerably as a result of this.
      Jan 3, 2018
  6. Daboo
    Daboo macca
    macca, you might wish to consider making a couple of the members moderators for when you're not able to be reached. Two users are overrunning your forum.
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  7. Willy
    Willy macca
    Hi Macca, could you please look into all the Chinese posts arriving in the inbox please, looks to be coming from two accounts, thanks Willy
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  8. Stef
    Apparently two Korean accounts pollute the forum.
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    2. Grumpy Goat
      Grumpy Goat
      Appears to be spam advertising online gambling sites. Wonder if the admin is seeing this. He's been very silent lately. One wonders if the forum is being neglected.
      Dec 31, 2017
    3. Bravo
      I just thought it was an enthusiastic new member
      Dec 31, 2017
  9. Steve Gorsek
    Steve Gorsek Duds
    Inquiring regarding the Ausie rear mud guard. Apparently the forum indicates you are a good source for these.

    How much are they and how would I obtain it.
    1. PaulB_UK
      Steve, I visited my local BMW dealer and ordered part number 46 62 8 543 348 and they got one in next day. If you have trouble, drop me a msg.


      Paul B.
      Dec 28, 2017
  10. Braap!
    It's not how fast you mow. . .it's how well you mow fast
  11. Dudis
    Dudis Bacaruda
    Hi, are you still providing the racks? If so can you let me have details of price and shipping to UK? Thanks, Dudis...
  12. Dudis
    Dudis BobW
    Hi Bob, thanks for the reply ref' Bacaruda rack... How old is the one you have and how much would you like for it? Doe's it indeed move the box back further than the Givi option? this is important as I want to tour two-up! Thanks, Dudis...
  13. Rocky R
    Rocky R mreeter
    I'm curious about the Wunderlich bars you installed. Without the risers, in addition to added width, are the bars much higher than the stock flat bars, and do they come back more than stock? I'm looking for only a modest gain. I do like a more aggressive position, but me and a buddy are going on a coast to coast ride next year and a little more comfort would be ideal for me. Please let me know your thoughts.
  14. Bravo
    Bravo Lee
    Happy Birthday!
  15. Bravo
    Bravo Andy0203
    Happy Birthday young man.
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    2. Andy0203
      Cheers Fred
      Nov 8, 2017
  16. Bravo
    Bravo PaulP
    Happy Birthday
  17. Bravo
    Bravo Duds
    Happy Birthday mate.
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  18. Holger
    Holger fmaehren
    Hello Frank,
    how or where did you buy the vortex holder?

    Hallo Frank,
    wie bzw. wo hast Du den Vortexhalter gekauft ?

    Gruß / greetings
  19. mousejockey40
    Just a nice break in Kefelonia.. not been to that island before. nice island but the roads are awful, not for bikes at all. :-(
  20. Bravo
    Bravo mousejockey40
    Been anywhere nice for your holidays?