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  1. chrisstynen
    Just finished Albuquerque to Toronto woo hoo and my butt is in good shape. Next month Sonora Mexico. Hermosillo, Guaymas, San Carlos
  2. Barbelson
    No problem Chad. I'll post a couple under media in next few mins.
  3. Chad Koehler
    Chad Koehler Barbelson
    I don't suppose I could talk you into taking a pic of your bike from the front (staight angle). Man I'm really digging the red.
  4. Mundefined
    Mundefined Bacaruda
    Hello. I'm very interested in purchasing one the racks you've created to support a Givi V47 topbox on a 2016 BMW R1200RS. Would you please give me a price for one to include shipping to the United States? Redmond, Washington 98052 to be specific.
  5. Maite Blanton
    Maite Blanton TonyT
    Tony, did you send the note I posted for you on August 18?
    1. TonyT
      Hi Maite, I have just seen your note on my profile, sorry I did not see it sooner, I usually get an email if someone writes to me, not sure why this doesn't happen when someone leaves a note on my profile. Yes I have the Vortex and yes I post to anywhere, the Price is still $137AUD. If you like you can start a conversation with me and I always get email alerts with that way. Kind regards, Tony
      Sep 7, 2017
  6. m1bjr
    I'm Blue. And a bit white.
  7. m1bjr
    Im Blue.
  8. Yorkzzr
    Sunning it in Portugal...and my my it's good
  9. alain bruneau
    alain bruneau Grumpy Goat
    Hi Wayne

    I need your expertise. I am going to do my 10,000 kms service next week and I would like to know the torque value of the engine drain plug and the rear drive drain and filler plugs.
    Thanks a lot
  10. Bravo
    Cockneys vs Zombies on Horror Channel.
  11. Salmon Dave
    Salmon Dave
    Enjoying the bike.
  12. JimBob
    Just joining.
  13. Maite Blanton
    Maite Blanton TonyT
    Hi Tony! My dad lives in Belgium and wonders if you could ship him the GPS bracket and how much it is. Thank you for the information!
    1. Maite Blanton
      Maite Blanton
      Hi Tony! Are you still around?
      Aug 30, 2017
  14. Alistair
  15. To and Fro
    To and Fro Braap!
    And people think BMWs are expensive to maintain. Good thing I just fly and leave the check writing to someone else.
    1. Braap!
      It would be nice to be paid to fly, I was approached by a couple of AG firms in Bakersfield to crop dust, but I had visions of body parts (mine!) falling off from being around those nasty chemicals. . .
      Aug 1, 2017
  16. m1bjr
    m1bjr KJ Cornwall
    Greetings from The 'Muff :)
  17. m1bjr
    m1bjr Dave
    Greetings from the muff
  18. Igster09
    Live it now...
  19. To and Fro
    To and Fro Braap!
    Is that a bell 47 rotorhead?
    1. Braap!
      G3 B-1 Give that man a cigar! Miss flying, got awfully expensive!
      Jul 31, 2017
  20. peter bryan
    peter bryan
    Hi new to the forum, just purchased a r1200rs se so naw in the run in period so far so good
    1. peter bryan
      peter bryan
      New member
      Jul 18, 2017